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Afghanistan Waters Portal is an unprecedented database of essays, papers, research studies, reports, policy and legal documents, maps, photos and audio and video files on Afghanistan’s transboundary waters.

Afghanistan Waters Portal is an attempt aimed at facilitating access to knowledge, efforts, initiatives, resources and human capital on Afghanistan’s transboundary waters, and by doing so, empowering researchers, scholars and policy makers through easy and transparent access to information.

Afghanistan Waters Portal, an initiative of Duran Research & Analysis, is an evolving medium enriched by everyone. We welcome intellectual contributions and submissions.

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Duran is a research firm with aspiration to serve. Duran aims to be a platform with the capacity to offer direction and centrality, exercise leadership and bridge dialogues within Afghanistan, thereby contributing to the shaping of the Afghan narrative. We are rooted in the context in which we operate. We aim at sustaining this space for […]

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