Journal of Afghanistan Water Studies

Duran Research & Analysis is proud to present the first issue of the first volume of the Journal of Afghanistan Water Studies (English, Dari), a first of its kind, which comprises of academic analysis with policy implications, mostly developed by Afghan experts of the field. Efforts as these can increase the availability of useful and […]

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Afghanistan Waters Portal

Afghanistan Waters Portal is an unprecedented database of essays, papers, research studies, reports, policy and legal documents, maps, photos and audio and video files on Afghanistan’s transboundary waters. Afghanistan Waters Portal is an attempt aimed at facilitating access to knowledge, efforts, initiatives, resources and human capital on Afghanistan’s transboundary waters, and by doing so, empowering […]

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National Conference on Afghanistan Waters

On November 15, 2017, Duran Research & Analysis organized the first scientific National Conference on Afghanistan Waters in Kabul. Read news coverage of the event here. The conference participants included representatives of Afghanistan’s premier academic institutions, universities, research organizations on water, policymakers from government, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Energy and Water, Wolesi Jirga, […]

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Women’s Economic Empowerment

Under its Strategic Planning and Program Design area of work, Duran Research & Analysis provides core technical support to MOLSAMD and MOWA in developing the NPPWEE, through country wide consultations. The NPPWEE consists of the inter-ministerial program as well as a monitoring and evaluation system to ensure transparent reporting on the implementation of the NPPWEE and thus enable a sound context for various initiatives to improve the economic situation of Afghan women and their role in society.

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Regional Dialogues

Afghanistan – Pakistan Track 1.5 & II Dialogues Duran Research & Analysis, in partnership with a Pakistani organization The Center of Research and Security Studies (CRSS), launched an Afghanistan-Pakistan Track 1.5/ II initiative titled: “Beyond Boundaries” as part of an effort to help discuss relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Track-II dialogue functioned as an informal platform in regards to […]

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Alliance in Support of the Afghan People (ASAP)

Duran launched the Alliance in Support of Afghan People (ASAP) in November 2013 in Kabul. As a non-partisan coalition that aimed at protecting and building on the gains and achievements that the Afghan people have made since 2001, this network includes a broad group of organizations and individuals, from the civil society sector, private sector, […]

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Internally Displaced Persons Project

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), there are more than 600,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Afghanistan today. These are families torn from their roots by conflict, natural disaster, climate change, and other vagaries of man and nature. These IDPs face tremendous difficulties in reestablishing themselves in new […]

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Freedom of Expression

Reform initiatives of the past 14 years have ignored informal structures of decision-making and rural communities. This has led to cities’ artificial expansion, creating a socio-politico-economic divide between urban and rural areas. As a result, the civic presence of government, and thus its institutional footprint is not sufficiently visible in Afghan villages, which hold a […]

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Kabul’s Micro-Political Economy

Despite Afghanistan’s prominent rural life, history underlines the importance of urban politics in bringing about change. Though rural dynamics cannot be ignored, there is increasing evidence suggesting towards the significance of urban politics and political economy factors during and beyond the transition period. Among these are the recent urbanization trend, the establishment of numerous migrant […]

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Afghanistan’s Trans-Boundary Waters

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Afghanistan has substantial water resources, but the country’s water infrastructure is inadequate to support rapid and substantial economic growth. While the water potential of Afghanistan is estimated to be 75billion m3/ year on average, Afghanistan ranks lowest in water storage capacity. Except for some of the […]

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Areas of Focus

Why Duran?

Duran is a research firm with aspiration to serve. Duran aims to be a platform with the capacity to offer direction and centrality, exercise leadership and bridge dialogues within Afghanistan, thereby contributing to the shaping of the Afghan narrative. We are rooted in the context in which we operate. We aim at sustaining this space for […]

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