Alliance in Support of the Afghan People (ASAP)

Duran launched the Alliance in Support of Afghan People (ASAP) in November 2013 in Kabul. As a non-partisan coalition that aimed at protecting and building on the gains and achievements that the Afghan people have made since 2001, this network includes a broad group of organizations and individuals, from the civil society sector, private sector, businesses, media, artists, researchers, lawyers, sporting organizations and public figures. The coalition has been active in shaping public opinion in the US, engage with the Senate and the Congress, as well as major think tanks, in an attempt to encourage the US to continue effective engagement with Afghanistan.  In addition, it has been actively challenging negative media broadcasts on Afghanistan, and is currently working on generating strengthened civil society commitment and cooperation through building consensus on Afghanistan’s major priorities in the decade of transformation.

Since its launch, Duran helped ASAP evolved into a politically significant process, not just for Afghans but also for the international community. For a country that has been through some of the most critical times of its history, and has been helped to gain stability and sustain it through democratic reform and state building, ASAP marks the existence of strong political will to continue to work hard and sustain the achievements of the past 12 years.

To Afghanistan’s international partners, in particular the European nations and the US, this network stood out as a reflection of their over a decade long interventions in Afghanistan. The burgeoning civil society and private sector and their genuine and content-rich engagement with the present and future of Afghanistan, not just internally, but abroad as well, underlined the indicators of success at many levels. To the people of Afghanistan, the network has been a mobilizer of positive perspectives, helping them see and value the results of the efforts of the past 12 years and the improvements that have been introduced since then. Neither the international community, nor the people of Afghanistan desire the loss of the progress that has been made since 2001.

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Duran is a research firm with aspiration to serve. Duran aims to be a platform with the capacity to offer direction and centrality, exercise leadership and bridge dialogues within Afghanistan, thereby contributing to the shaping of the Afghan narrative. We are rooted in the context in which we operate. We aim at sustaining this space for […]

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